About 101

After one year of planning and three years of construction, 101 Collins Street opened in March 1991 in the cultural heart of Melbourne’s central business district.

The purpose was clear: to create the best building in the best part of the city.

101 Collins Street was designed by Melbourne architectural firm Denton Corker Marshall with the intention of creating a building as perfect in its detail as in its essence.

Our foyer was designed by the noted American postmodern architect, John Burgee from New York.

The foyer features the tranquillity of water, incorporated in four distinct pools. 23 carat gold leaf highlights the surrounds of the two rough water pools. Travertine columns and art works bring a distinct focal point to the two still pools whilst the stock exchange board communicates regular updates on market movements.

101 Collins Street embraces classical building forms in its elegant use of glass and granite. Underneath the majestic exterior the use of modern technologies and sustainable practices reveals a sense of forward thinking; placing 101 Collins Street at the forefront of modern architecture.

The column-free floor plan design with unique glass buttresses on four sides of the tower affords both unparalleled office layout opportunities and 360-degree views of Melbourne.

The result is what has become an enduring architectural landmark in Melbourne.


256 meters (from Collins Street to the top of the spires).


Denton Corker Marshall, Melbourne (building).
John Burgee Architects, New York (foyer).

Total lettable space:

83,600 square meters.

Finishes: Foyer

Exterior cladding - Polished granite - Source - Spain
Exterior Columns -Polished granite - Source - Brazil
Core foyer walls and columns – Navona travertine - Source - Italy.
Foyer floors – Red and cream marble- Source Italy. Black granite - Source Zimbabwe
Lifts – Carrara marble - Source- Italy.

Foyer Size:

95 meters long, 42 meters wide, 9 meters high (generally), 34 meters high (ceiling of front atrium above floor level).